Engineering for Climate Extremes Partnership

A Partnership Between Industry, Commerce, Society, Academia and Government Facilitated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research 

Vision: An interdisciplinary partnership bringing together engineering, scientific, cultural, business and government expertise to develop robust, well-communicated predictions and advice on the impacts of weather and climate extremes in support of society.

Key to this vision is the development of resilient responses to current and future climate extremes that includes:

  • Development of risk management and planning tools, including regional climate prediction systems and catastrophe planning support systems;
  • Targeted community outreach and information exchange;
  • Encouragement and support for bringing outstanding young scientists, engineers and communicators into the area of risk and catastrophe planning and response;
  • Acknowledges that all systems will fail at some level and incorporates uncertainty about the predicted magnitude of the impact at the planning and design stage, following a systematic ‘graceful failure’ approach.